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Chicken or Prawn Fried Rice

Carotino Healthier Cooking Oil is great for frying and its rich golden colour makes every meal look as good as it tastes! Here's an easy recipe for Chinese style fried rice which is just as delicious with prawns as it is with chicken.


3 cups of cooked rice
4 shallots – sliced finely
2 teaspoons chopped garlic

1 carrot – cut into fine strips
1–2 fresh red chillies – sliced finely 
150g large raw prawns or 150g chicken strips

2 Chinese mushrooms (Shitake)  chopped
2 eggs lightly beaten with a pinch of salt and black pepper
4 teaspoons of Carotino Healthier Cooking Oil
Mixed spice powder – ½ teaspoon
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce

Fried rice

Garnish: (Optional)

A few crispy fried shallots or chopped herbs


Marinate the prawns or chicken with little salt, a sprinkle of coarse black pepper, 2 teaspoons of Carotino Healthier Cooking Oil and 2- 3 drops of soy sauce. Keep aside. Heat a little Carotino Oil in a saucepan. Beat the eggs lightly and make scrambled eggs. Remove from pan and keep aside.


In a wok or deep frying pan, add a couple of teaspoons of Carotino Healthier Cooking Oil and when it is hot, add in the chopped garlic. When slightly golden brown, add in the shallots and cook until the mixture is nearly brown. Then, add in the fresh red chillies and stir for about 2 minutes. After that, add in the prawns or chicken strips and cook until it is brown and crispy, keep stirring continuously.

Add in all the vegetables and a pinch of salt. When they are half cooked, add in the cooked rice.
Then add in all the sauces, spice powder and stir well and if the rice sticks to the wok, add little more Carotino Healthier Cooking Oil. You can add in more sauce or chilli if desired. Add in the scrambled eggs and stir well.

When the rice starts to pop and is cooked, switch off the flame. Sprinkle a little ground black pepper. Garnish with crispy fried shallots, herbs or a few slices of fresh red chilli if desired. (Optional)

Serve with prawn crackers. (Optional) Serves 4.

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